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A Little About Us

My husband and I are from and live in the Mountains of WV, we enjoy making memories in Bemis, WV and are are excited to be able to allow others to create their own memories by renting out our cabins. We hope this experience will allow you to enjoy and relax within the mountains of West Virginia with family and friends. 

We truly love West Virginia for all the natural beauty it has to offer and all the fun activities. You will be nestled down right next to Monongahela National Forest, within driving distance to Seneca Rocks, and foot steps away from the Shaver's Fork River. 

My husband and I are all about having a good time, enjoying great company, and making memories together. We are excited to offer a place for visitors to do the same with their families. 

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Campground Rules
Keeping it Safe. 
Be sure to read our Bemis Campground Rules

UNINTERRUPTED USE OF CAMPSITE – Campers may not create any disturbance or maintain a nuisance on their campsite that will interfere or interrupt other campers ability to enjoy their campsite.   This includes but is not limited to playing loud music, offensive behavior to others, arguing amongst those camping with you, arguing with other campers, tampering or vandalizing campground facilities, tampering or vandalizing other campers’ or campsites and/or an behavior that may be endangering the health, well-being or property of other people in the campground.


QUIET HOURS – Campers must limit noise during quiet hours or from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.  


SPEED LIMIT – The speed limit throughout the campground for all motorized vehicles, including but not limited to cars, trucks, ATV/UTV or golf carts is 5 miles per hour. Speeding will NOT be tolerated.


TRASH – Campers must keep their individual campsites and common areas free of litter and debris.  All garbage shall be placed in the dumpster provided by Bemis Campground.


ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – Campers are permitted to have alcoholic beverages on their campsite. The West Virginia drinking age is 21- NO underage drinking will be tolerated.  


PETS – Campers shall not allow any dog, cats, or other pet to run at large.   Pets must be on a leash or in a contained area and dogs shall not be left unattended.  Campers are responsible for cleaning up their dog’s waste and disposing of it properly.  


SECURITY- Bemis Campground offers no security on the property. 


CHILDREN – Campers or guests with small children shall assure the children always have adult supervision. Parents are responsible for their children and their children’s behavior.


GUESTS- Campers are responsible for all their guests and their guests’ behavior while at their campsite and in the campground.


CAMPFIRES – Campers shall only have campfires in fire ring/pit area.  Fire ring/pit area shall have concrete pad below the surface or grass line.  All campfires shall be extinguished before bedtime and/or if you leave your campsite. All ashes must be disposed of properly after each use to allow Lessor to mow over the fire ring.

DRUGS, FIREARMS, FIREWORKS, LETHAL WEAPONS OR EXPLOSIVES- Campers are prohibited from having any kind of drugs, firearms, fireworks, lethal weapons or explosives in the campground.


ELECTRIC- If your campsite does not have an individual electric meter the following items are prohibited: additional refrigerators, electric heaters, & air conditioners.


PRE-APPROVED CAMPERS - All campers have to be pre-approved by Management before being moved onto the campground.


CAMPERS CHANGING OWNERSHIP- Campers may not sell their camper to another individual and expect that the camper will remain in the campground without prior approval of Management.  


PAYMENTS – Campsites are rented by the year and rent is due yearly in the full amount on due date.


LIABILITY- Bemis Campground is NOT responsible for accidents to campers and/or campers’ guests, fire, theft, and/or damage to campers, camping equipment, cars and/or other personal property on the campground.


SEWER- No feminine products are to be put in the camper toilets. Holding tanks should be left closed until ready to empty. This will help maintain the function of your tank and our lines. Wastewater is NOT permitted on the ground. Use of sewer collar is required on all sewer sites. (WV state law)


MAINTENANCE OF CAMPER AND SITE- It is the camper’s responsibility to keep your camper and campsite clean, neat, organized and trash picked up. Please keep garden hoses, electric cords, rugs, bicycles, etc. clear of path of lawn mower. Management is NOT responsible for damage caused by lawn mower.


WATER SERVICE – All water is turned off November 1st of each year and turned back on April 1st of each year



Bemis Campground wants you to have an enjoyable time at our campground.  The policies and rules are designed to promote a relaxed and enjoyable environment for all who camp with us.  Bemis Campground reserves the right to evict anyone violating these rules, creating a disturbance to others and/or destroying any campground property.  If evicted no refund shall be given.

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